Updates β€” February 2022 Updates β€” February 2022

Updates β€” February 2022

Joshua McKinnon Joshua McKinnon

Items marked with the 🏒  icon are subject to our Enterprise Release Process.


  • We've improved the way that you can organize Orders in the Timeline. You can now group Orders by Client, in addition to grouping by Project, or showing all orders in a flat list. Some options, such as filters, are not yet available when grouping by client - these are coming soon. 🏒
  • If you have a WO number set on an order, this will now show under the Order Description in the timeline list.

Time Tracking

  • We now display both the Work Item Code and Work Item Label on the Site Diary PDF.



Other Changes

  • Improved the performance of the Mobile Uploads page when you have a large number of upload documents.
  • Customers can now manage which users have access to Insights from the Insights Licensing Settings page in the Web App.

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