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Joshua McKinnon
Joshua McKinnon
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When it comes to organizing your work in the Scheduler Timeline, you have several options designed to help you focus on what's most important.

Group Orders By

Screen_Shot_2022-03-01_at_1.31.01_PM.png We now have three ways to organize the Orders list. You can group by Project, by Client or just a flat list of Orders (Group By None).

Group By Client is a great new way to organize your work, if you're working on mostly smaller, service orders where you mostly care about who you're doing the work for.

Since Group By Client is new, some features, including filters, duplicate and Archive, are currently unavailable while you're in this mode. These features are coming soon.

Sort Options

Depending on the way you're grouping Orders, you have various options to sort your work.

Group By Project

When you group by Project, you can sort by Start Date, by Recently Modified, or by Name. In each case, projects are sorted first, and Orders within each project are sorted in the same way.

If a project does not have a Start Date, then the start date of the earliest Order is used for sorting. 

Group By None

When you are showing a flat Orders list, the options above are available, and you have an additional option to sort by Order Number.



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