Updates — March 2022

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Items marked with the 🏢  icon are subject to our Enterprise Release Process.


  • When a Role or Asset Worker is missing a required competency, they are flagged with a red :mortar_board:compliance icon in Timeline.
  • Timeline now correctly shows Recommended Assets in rank order.
  • When WO or PO contain only numbers, leading zeros are no longer removed from display in the Orders list.

Time Tracking

  • The Site Diary PDF now now includes the Site Diary ID in the summary section (at the top of the PDF).

Quantity Tracking

  • 🏢 Our new Progress Tracking feature is now live. It allows you to set an expected/budgeted quantity for an order, and then track progress against the quantity via Site Diary.


  • We fixed an issue that caused times in Form Results to appear in UTC time.

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