Assisted Data Import Overview Assisted Data Import Overview

Assisted Data Import Overview

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In order to get to an active state (tracking people, places and things), you'll need to upload your core data types. By doing this, you'll enable calendaring, scheduling and assigning — since all of your resources will be accessible from within our platform. Just sign in, upload, map and correct your data. Our assisted workflow can even help you normalize your data along the way.


Our First Data Types for the Assisted Process

  1. Assisted Data Import: Fieldworkers
  2. Assisted Data Import: Clients

Getting Started: Assisted Data Importer Steps

Our Data Importer will turn your data into clean, normalized, structured data using machine learning, artificial intelligence and a no-code approach to mapping. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Login to your other platforms (i.e. Accounting)
  2. Export a Data Type (i.e "contacts" or "users") saved locally in a CSV (or similar) format
  3. Login into Assignar, and go to "Imports" (Settings > Imports) within the main navigation
  4. From there, launch the Data Importer you need, and point it at your exported CSV file
  5. Allow the upload to take place, and graphically remap any Data Points that are flagged
  6. Make any corrections as needed (flagged in red) and submit
  7. Validate the import process by seeing our data from within Assignar


Why should I look into using Assisted Data Importing?
To save time from doing bulk manual entries. We encourage normalizing, cleansing, and editing your data when using our importer. For larger companies, Data Importing is the most efficient method of starting.

What are the best data types to collect?
A great start would be to look into people (contacts), equipment, roles, and clients (your customers).

What should I consider when it comes to validation?
Ensure your formatting is the way you want it on both ends. What do you require? Must emails always be included when importing people/contacts? Should first and last names always be capitalized? 

Can I get Data Templates from Assignar?
You sure can. Just reach out to your CSM to get the latest versions. 

Benefits of Using Our Assisted Data Importer

  • Saves you from manual data entry
  • Walks you through every step
  • Can take in messy (unnormalized) data
  • Gives you a chance to make corrections and remap as needed
  • Gets you up and running quickly
  • Saves on - on-premise IT efforts and other known costs

Our Assisted Data Importer Guides You

Our Assisted Data Importer uses machine learning for a fast, clean and leverageable experience. Just import your CSV file to get started. Our system will help you map your data to the correct end points, and flag any rows that need a human touch. 


Data Importing Saves Time and Effort

Gone are the days of wrestling with complex files, working with code and hiring programmers to help you manage your data. If your data is already in one system, getting it into Assignar can be as simple as exporting it, importing and verifying its presence within our Web App.


What Makes Our Assisted Data Importer Great

A great import workflow consists of a process in which the data can be delivered smoothly into its new location within Assignar. Here is what we are bringing to the table:

  • Superior Parsing: The ability to go through the data and identify it
  • Guided Mapping: The ability to take source data and deliver it to the right location (or recommend the right location)
  • Labeling: Suggests renaming your columns when needed
  • Transformations: Changing the data to meet the needs of its new destination
  • Validation: Ensures your data meets the requirements of its new destination
  • Maintenance: Ensure new data is amended correctly (when added) into existing data sets



Next Steps

  • How to Prepare & Gather Your Data (coming soon)

* Please note this article reflects our Assisted Data Import strategy. If you don't recognize the processes here, please contact your Customer Success Manager to have this enabled on your account. We look forward to rolling this feature out to our entire customer base.


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