Assisted Data Import: Clients

David Martinez
David Martinez
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Adding your clients (your customers) is another important step. We'll help you track valuable contact information as well as attach projects, orders, timesheets and dockets to clients to help you get your work done.


Step 1

Using the main navigation bar on the left, first click on Settings, then Data Imports — Beta. After that, click on the Clients Upload button. This will launch the Clients upload process.


Step 2

You'll be presented with a table of the data that's about to be imported. Please review the table to ensure you it's as complete as possible. 


Field Descriptions

Client Name
The name of the company or business you do jobs or projects for.

External ID
This field is used to store an ID value from an external system, for example your Invoicing or ERP application. When you export data from another system, you can include this field to easily import it into other applications (such as Assignar) and make sure the data matches.

A client’s tax identification number.

The primary email address you use to communicate with your client.

Office Phone
The client’s office phone / land line number.

Mobile Phone
The client’s mobile phone number.

The client’s address including city, state and postal code.

Any additional notes or information about the client.

Step 3 

Map your uploaded data to the Assignar data types. Just think of this as moving the data from an external "bucket" into the right Assignar "bucket".  Once everything is mapped correctly, click review so you can preview your work before committing.



Step 4

If the systems finds challenges in your import, it will give you a chance to fix them. The issues will appear as red boxes within your data table. Data immediately flagged in red will be items that are improperly formatted or have missing data. Correct any issues in your data.


Step 5

Once all errors are corrected, click the continue button and your data will be uploaded. Success! 

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