Set Up Custom Printing with Multiple Images

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You can download and send your Form Results externally using a customized template with multiple images, that is suited to the look and feel of your company. 

Before reading this article, read how to setup custom printing.


To setup your custom template with multiple images, first check whether the form template has multiple images checked.

Checking this box means that the question expects multiple image uploads when the worker fills out the form.


To setup your custom template with multiple photos

The code for embedding images is different when you want multiple images. You will need to use a combination of the {for each} code and the image code as per the below:

{foreach from=$idX item=_picture} {$_picture|insert_image:XXX:XXX} {/foreach}

The $idX will be the unique code of your image (e.g. $id4 or $id4.id1).


The “XXX:XXX” is the sizing instruction for each image (Height and Width). We recommend using something like 150:150 to start with and then alter these as required to perfect the sizing values.

Therefore, if the code within my custom print form is:


Then, my custom print template should have this layout:

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