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Joshua McKinnon
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In this article you will learn a bit more about assignment statuses, including how to change statuses, how it works in the mobile app, as well as some settings to make them work to match your process.

What Are Assignment Statuses?

In Assignar, by default, every worker assignment has an Assignment Status.  This feature allows a worker to Confirm or Decline an assigned work shift.  This is helpful for firms that employ a casual workforce so that when working from the scheduler they can see which workers have confirmed their shift. For firms that do not want to allow workers to Confirm or Decline work this can be disabled in settings.

Update Assignment Statuses on Web

You can manually update assignment statuses for your workforce from the scheduler.

You can update all allocations for the entire order by clicking the 3 dot menu next to the order name on the timeline view and clicking Update Assignment Statuses, from there you can choose the status.

You can also change the allocation status for workers in a shift or for an individual user by using the corresponding menus on a shift card.


Assignment Status Settings

In Account settings you are able to set the default status for an Allocation.  So if you would like all Allocations to be automatically confirmed, simply choose that option.  You are also able to set up email notifications when workers choose to Decline a shift.  You can customize this message and add email addresses where the notifications should be sent.




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