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You can easily add new equipment to Assignar to manage them in our system.

If you want to setup a lot of Equipment in one go, you can use our Assisted Import, which allows you setup your equipment in bulk. Or, continue reading to learn how to add equipment one at a time.


How to add Equipment to Assignar

  1. Under Resources, go to the Equipment (assets) page
  2. Tap Add New
  3. Complete required fields (description below)
  4. Save



Fields Field Description
Equipment Name* Name of the Equipment
Serial Number VIN or other Serial Number identifier
Description General description
Year Year of equipment manufacture
Make Equipment Make
Model Equipment Model
Number Reading Odometer or Hours reading for equipment
Registration Number Registration or License Plate Number 
Skills Skills required to operate this equipment
Suppliers Equipment can be linked to suppliers like rental companies.
Tags Equipment tags are used to group similar equipment to make them easy to find and schedule.
Roles Roles are the type of work that the equipment can do when paired with an operator.

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