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Joshua McKinnon
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Assignar Signals provide inline notifications to help you make better scheduling decisions. Whether you're creating your first Assignment, or you need to resolve scheduling conflicts, Assignar Signals is here to help.

Category Signals

Category Signals are high-level indicators that inform you that you have some issue with a shift, or with a worker on a shift. They can be:


Alert: This Signal indicates an a scheduling conflict or a compliance / skill issue.

Warning: This Signal indicates that there are issues to review with this shift. Work won't stop, but you'll need to know about them. This Signal relates to a missing / expired inductions or crew member safety briefings.

Info: This Signal indicates that the worker is available and linked to the shift’s Role, Asset, or Supplier.




Viewing Category Signals

Category Signals are visible in the list of workers or equipment, on the right of screen when reviewing available resources. Zendesk_-_Viewing_Category_Signals__Side_Bar_.png



When you're updating the existing Schedule, you'll find Category Signals on any shift when you view the Scheduler Timeline in a one-week view. Our initial release only shows Alert signals here, but we'll be adding Warning signals very soon.




Detailed Signals

So you can make the best decisions, you can always view the details about a resource's Signals by clicking the chevron (>) indicator on the right of a worker or equipment. There you'll see one or more cards representing the resource in question (from the collection below):




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