Now, we’re really cooking! We have information flowing from the field using Assignar. Next, we’ll learn how to approve the timesheets submitted by fieldworkers. 

Why am I doing this?

Overseeing the information submitted by your workers ensures that the information is correct and presents a more accurate representation of what happened in the field that day. 

Here’s how to do it (click to see the video below):



Here are the steps: 

  1. Back on the desktop, click ‘Field Data’ in the left-hand menu and then ‘Timesheets’. 
  2. Here, you’ll see all the time you’re tracking based on allocations. Click on the name of the worker to see what work order the allocation is linked to and what activities they worked on.
  3. If a worker has not yet completed a timesheet, the status will read as ‘Not Started’. ‘In Progress’ means it hasn’t been submitted yet. To view more detail or edit, click on the work order. If changes are made, hit ‘[SAVE]’. 
  4. Click the three dots on the far right of the work order and click ‘Approve Timesheet’. 
  5. Now, the status will change to ‘Approve’. 


Next, we’ll learn how supervisors can submit time for their fieldworkers.

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