Daily Log - How to check in and out of an Assignment Daily Log - How to check in and out of an Assignment

Daily Log - How to check in and out of an Assignment

Adam Klug Adam Klug

If you have been assigned to a job, you can go into your Daily Log to view the Assignment details and submit your Timesheet against the Assignment.

This article explains how to submit your Timesheet via check in/out.

  1. Log into the FW App
  2. Tap the Daily Log option in the menu
    Note that this may be called Timesheets or something else depending on your company's terminology
  3. If you have the option, either Confirm or Decline your assignment
    In this example, we will tap Confirm
  4. To start the clock for your timesheet, tap the Check in button
    Once you've checked in, you can add breaks as needed
    Click here for more info
  5. Once you've finished working on the Assignment, tap the blue Check out button to stop the timer on your Assignment
  6. This will take you to the Timesheet details page.
    On this page you can updated any Asset/Equipment and the time associated to them as needed. Click here for more info
  7. To submit your timesheet, scroll down and add a signature
    Note that the signature field may or may not be enabled on your account
  8. Tap the Submit timesheet button at the bottom of the page
    Once you've submitted your timesheet, your Daily Log will show a grey submitted Timesheet card

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