How Forms Work How Forms Work

How Forms Work

Adam Klug Adam Klug

Summary: This article provides an overview of the Forms feature in Assignar, built to help you capture safety and compliance information from your jobsite, in a way that works for you.

Audience: This article is useful to those needing to either manage the process of building/updating Form Templates, to submitting Form Results, or those needing to review Form Results from the jobsite.


Big Ideas

Building Form Templates

The best way to track safety and compliance in the field is to create Form Templates for your jobsite workers to complete. Our Form Builder enables you to build custom Form Templates, using a wide variety of question types, so that you can capture whatever you need from your team. Once you’ve built a Form Template, you can then make it available in the Assignar Mobile App and review the resulting output when needed.

Submitted Form Results 

Remote team members can send in their responses to their issued Forms by submitting Form Results. A Form Template can have an infinite amount of Form Results associated with it. Remote team members will either complete their Form Results via their assignments or as Loose Form Results. 

Reviewing Form Results 

Once a Form Result has been submitted, you can review it in the Web App. As a Web App user, you can update the Form Results if any mistakes were made, or if there are gaps to fill in, with a history of the changes being saved along the way. You can also set up an Insights Report or Dashboards to review Form Results as well as notifications that are sent via email when Form Results are submitted.

We make it easy to understand which Form Results require your attention by adding a (customisable) status to the Form Result which can be based on the responses to the questions you’ve created — in the Form Template.


Keep in mind

  • Form Templates can be shared with remote jobsite team members in two ways; via their Assignments or as Loose Forms
  • To ensure you’re getting the latest features in Forms, always ensure the Assignar Mobile App is kept up to date 
  • Manage by exception - you can set up custom statuses and have them automatically applied based on specific responses, making it easy to understand which Form Results require your attention

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