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Thanks for checking out our Getting Started Video Guide.  In this article you can watch a series of videos to learn all about Assignar and get your feet wet!  Start with the 60 second overview and then keep watching for step by step videos of how you will do your work in the Assignar platform.

Assignar in 60 Seconds

Get a quick preview of how you will get setup and begin working in the Assignar Platform.


Step 1  - Uploading Your Data

Get started by uploading your resources like employees, equipment, clients and activities.


Step 2 - Organizing Workers

Keeping your workers organized is key, either upload from a file or enter them through the form so they are available to schedule.


Step 3 - Organizing Equipment

Assignar helps you manage, schedule and track all of your expensive equipment.


Step 4 - Creating Projects

Creating projects will help you keep multiple pieces of work under the same customer organized.


Step 5 - Adding Workers to Work Orders

Learn how to add work orders and schedule your workers to those jobs and notify them of where they need to be and what work needs to be done.


Step 6 - Accepting Work & Checking In

Learn how workers in the field can confirm their assignments and check into jobs.


Step 7 - Adding Flexible Time Sheets

For unplanned work, learn how your workers can still track their time on the job site.


Step 8 - Adding Crew Time with Site Diary

Learn how you can set up Assignar so a supervisor can be responsible for completing crew timesheets.


Step 9 - Filling Out Forms

Forms are a flexible tool to help you capture other data from the field and report back to the office.


Step 10 - Approving Timesheets

After workers submit their timesheets learn how the office can review and approve those time sheets.


Step 11 - Using Insights

Learn how you can analyze ALL of the data you have capture in Assignar to create reports, dashboards to keep your business running and look at trending data over time.


Step 12 - Exporting Data for Payroll

Learn how to export your employee's timesheets data so you can run payroll.

Next Steps

Keep reading to learn more about logging into Assignar and getting familiar with using the application.


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