How to Use Assignar on the Jobsite How to Use Assignar on the Jobsite

How to Use Assignar on the Jobsite

Adam Klug Adam Klug

Summary: The Assignar mobile app enables your jobsite team to communicate with the office effectively and efficiently, through the submission of timesheets, forms, and more. It builds visibility and awareness in the field by putting the sharing the data within your Assignar instance.

Audience: This article helps customers understand how we we close the information loop, using mobile technology and the cloud to keep you informed.

Big Ideas

Communicating to the Jobsite (Outbound)

One of the biggest challenges our customers face is efficiently communicating information to the job site. Use our mobile app, along with our SMS feature β€” you can share all of the important information your team needs: 

  • Assignment information: where to go, when to go, and what to do 
  • Forms: What form data is needed to complete the job
  • Timesheets: The ability to request data for hours worked

Communication to the Head Office (Inbound) 

When on site, it can be difficult to communicate back to the head office. Your crew wants to complete their work, and we know they'd avoid paperwork if they could. The Mobile App makes it simple and quick to track what happened in a helpful way β€” so that it’s easy to deliver β€” and efficient for the head office to consume and understand. Information coming into the head office includes:

  • Shift Acceptance: confirming or declining Shifts
  • Jobsite Data: by way of Form results
  • Timesheets: evidence of time worked
  • Progress Tracking: how far have we gotten, and how far is left to go
  • Notes from the field: keeping our inputs short, we offer specific areas to add detail

Keep in mind

  • You can download the mobile app from the App Store or the Play Store
  • Enabling automated updates will keep your abilities current
  • Remote team members can reset their own passwords in the Assignar Mobile App
  • The Assignar mobile app requires certain permissions on your device. Location permission allows us to capture where events occur, such as checking-in or checking-out of a job. Other permissions, such as Camera and Gallery enable users to take and/or upload photos to Assignar
  • We do not track users on an ongoing basis, we only capture location based events

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