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Shariq Samira
Shariq Samira
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Summary: Integrations help customers minimize manual data entry — to operate more efficiently by automating how data flows between the world and your business. Great Integrations can provide the following:

  • Experience shorter time to value for data heavy tasks
  • Get more visibility and Insights from your data
  • Eliminate tedious, error prone data operations

Audience: This is for those who like to bring data into and out of Assignar, in various forms.

Big Ideas

Integrations Hub 

Experience self-serve native integrations with the most popular ERP & Accounting Systems. Our hub will host multiple integrations to provide a robust connection between Assignar and your accounting solutions. 

Visit the Integrations Hub Section to learn more about our current and upcoming offerings.

If there is a product you would like to see Assignar integrate with, let us know here, or email

Flexible Data Exports

We'll provide pre-formatted payroll export types, & easy-to-add extensions for your more in depth needs. With a variety of exported file formats, our Integrations should suit your needs. 

Public API v3

Our public API is now on version 3 and stronger than ever. If you have your own development team, they can build really interesting connections into and out of Assignar.

Estimation and Equipment Management 

We can also connect with estimating, project management and equipment management systems. We'll keep you up to date, and express data from other systems within Assignar if needed.

Keep in mind

  • Public API: Our new Public API allows for more access and endpoints than ever before, allowing customers and 3rd parties to more efficiently tap into your Assignar data.
  • Integrations Hub: This self-serve feature will support accounting integrations starting with Accumatica. We will be expanding the hub to support more applications like Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks and others as we track customer requests and needs.
  • Import and Export Capabilities: Our Import and Export functionality will allow customers to (quickly & easily) bring data into Assignar and get it out of Assignar in the format they need it in.

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