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In this article you will learn everything you need to get started with the Assignar mobile application.  You will learn how to download the application, how to manage your profile and how to navigate the application.  Reminder that only Fieldworker Users will have access to login to the mobile applications.

Downloading the Mobile Application and Signing In

The Assignar Mobile Application, available on iOS, Android and Mobile Web Browser is where Fieldworker Users will start their journey with Assignar.  The Mobile Application is where Fieldworkers will get Work Assignments and complete Daily Timesheets, Forms and Dockets.  To get started download one of the mobile applications or visit the Mobile Website.

To log in to your account you will need your Client ID, Username, Password and Region.  Your Client ID and Username should be provided by your Account Administrator.  If you do not know your password you can click the Reset Password button to set a new one.


Navigating the Application

The mobile experience is nearly identical regardless of whether you choose iOS, Android or the Mobile Web Application, making it easy to switch between platforms without causing too much headache.

When you first land on the homepage of the Mobile Application you will see buttons to quickly access the most common areas needed by Fieldworkers.  Below is a brief description of each of these areas.  Note that you may not see all of these things depending on how the administrator has configured Assignar.

  • My Items - Tap here to see things like documents and equipment that you have been assigned.
  • Assignments - Tap here to see your upcoming work schedule and confirm your assignments.  From this screen you can learn more about the job, your role and fill out your timesheets for the day.
  • Timesheets - A quick way to manage all of your timesheets and start a new one even when you weren't scheduled to work on a job.
  • Site Diary - If you are a supervisor for an active order you can complete a Site Diary for your crew.
  • Tickets/Dockets - If you need to use a docket to get customer signoff for labor and machine time tap here.
  • Forms - Tap here to see all forms you have access to, if a form is required as a part of a work assignment you will see that when you tap on the assignment.


Managing Your Profile and Logging Out

In the upper right corner of the screen you will see your picture or an avatar, tap there to access your profile.  From here you can update your personal information, request qualifications, orientations or inductions, update your password, check your application version and log out.



App Updates and Settings

In order to get the best experience with Assignar Mobile App it is important to keep your app up to date.  We recommend turning on Automatic Updates so that you always have the latest version.  You can check your application version under your profile.

By turning on Location Services for the Assignar Mobile App you will be able to submit geocoded timesheets and forms.  This is helpful for ensuring that data from the field is captured in the right place.  Your admin may require this feature to be enabled.

Giving the Assignar access to your photo gallery is also important so you can quickly post photos of job site progress or a safety issue.

Next Steps

Now that you know a little more about how to access and navigate the mobile application let's review how you will use the application day to day.

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