Assign Resources to Orders and Shifts

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Once you've created your Order and your shifts, you're ready to schedule your resources (workers and equipment) to them. The easiest way to do this is from the Timeline view in Scheduler.


Watch this video

To learn how to create your shifts, setup your Orders and assign your Resources. Or, read on for the written steps below.


To begin scheduling your workers, first select your shifts

We'll then show you all the workers that are available during your selected shifts. Tip: You can hold down Command on your keyboard to select multiple shifts at a time or use Shift to select a multiple shifts in a row.


Next, select and drag the workers you want to assign to those shifts

You can hold down Command/Shift on your keyboard to select multiple workers at a time. Once selected simply drag them to the shifts you like to assign them to.


If you want to assign your equipment, its the same process

Select your required shifts and then choose Assets/Equipment on the resources tab.  Choose the equipment you want and drag into place.


If you want to assign a worker to a piece of equipment

If you want to assign a worker to a piece of equipment, then there's just an extra step. Instead of dragging on the piece of equipment select the blue ">" next to the equipment.  Then a list of recommended workers will appear, drag the worker on to the schedule and equipment will come with.



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