Assigning Resources to Orders in the Scheduler

Joshua McKinnon
Joshua McKinnon
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Using the Scheduler Timeline

Assigning in the Scheduler Timeline is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Select the shifts to show qualified and available resources.

  2. Select your resources.

  3. Drag them to your shifts to assign those resources


Select Shifts

You can allocate a single role at a time. Selecting shifts highlights the Recommended workers for those shifts based on availability and suitability to perform that role.

  • Select a single shift by clicking on that shift.
  • Select a range of shifts by holding the Shift key while you click on shifts

  • Select multiple shifts by holding down the Windows or Ctrl key (⌘-key on Mac) as you click multiple shifts

  • Select all shifts in the current date range by double-clicking any shift.

Select your Resources

Now select the workers you wish to allocate:

  • Select a single worker by clicking on that worker in the list
  • Select a range of workers by clicking on the first worker, then hold the shift key down while you select the last worker in the range. 

  • Select multiple workers, not in a group, by holding down the Windows or Ctrl key (⌘-key on Mac) as you click on each worker.

Now simply drag the selected workers onto the shifts you selected.

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