Finding Schedule Conflicts

Joshua McKinnon
Joshua McKinnon
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If you have any scheduling conflicts (e.g. scheduling clashes or missing certifications), we'll inform you with our signals, to help you make better scheduling decisions. 


There are 3 types of signals


Indicates scheduling conflict or a compliance / skill issue.


indicates that there are issues with this shift that need review (e.g. missing / expired inductions or crew member safety briefings).


Indicates that the worker is available and linked to the shift’s Role, Asset, or Supplier.


If there are scheduling conflicts, we'll highlight them in the Resources panel



And in the shift cards

We recommend you switch the Timeline to a 1 week view to see the scheduling shift conflicts better. 



How to review your scheduling conflicts in more detail

In the shift card, tap Show Details. This will bring up the Shift Drawer, where you find out more details about the scheduling conflicts.



Then, select a worker to review the issues related to that worker. In this example, Jared has an overlapping assignment, as well as a missing induction.



Types of issues


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