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Marcel Broekmaat
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This article will describe how users of the Assignar Mobile Application can confirm their work assignments, view their upcoming schedule and complete their timesheets each day.

Work Assignment Notifications

As an Assignar Fieldworker User you will receive your Work Assignment Notifications primarily through SMS.  As soon as the back office locks in a schedule and chooses to notify workers you will get an SMS giving you all of the assignment details.


Tap the link in the Work Assignment SMS Notification to open the Work Assignment.  There you will be able to see all of the details for the job.  If you click confirm, the back office will be notified that you have confirmed the job. You will see the status switch from Pending (yellow) to Confirmed (green).  After you have confirmed the work you will now see the option to add a timesheet for this assignment.


Adding a Timesheet for a Work Assignment

When adding a timesheet for an assignment you can begin capturing this information at any point in your shift. From an assignment tap the + Timesheet button to begin filling out the timesheet.  

First you will fill select the Activities that you worked on throughout the day and the times that your worked on them.  You can also use activities to capture time spent for lunch or breaks if asked by your supervisor.  After you have added all of your time and activities, sign the timesheet at the bottom of the screen and hit send.  You will see that the timesheet has now changed status to Waiting for Approval.  After it has been approved in the back office it will change status to Approved.


Adding a Timesheet without a Work Assignment

Sometimes you may be asked to perform work that you have not yet been assigned on your schedule.  That's ok!  Simply click the timesheets option from the mobile app home screen.  Next choose the project or client that the work is for.  Then choose your role for that day.  The following steps are the same as if you had recieved a Work Assignment, just choose your activity times, sign and submit.

Next Steps

Next we will learn about how supervisors can fill out timesheets for their Crew using the Site Diary.


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