GPS Time on Site based on Geofences GPS Time on Site based on Geofences

GPS Time on Site based on Geofences

Marko Tomic Marko Tomic

Time On Site Reports can be used with Geofences or with POIs, to see the time spent in a location and if the locations were visited or not.

This article shows how to set up a Time on Site report if you want to use them with Geofences.

Geofence Event Rule setup

1. Go to Admin > Event Rules and select + Event Rule to Create a new Event Rule.

2. Put a name to your rule, and choose Enabled > No

This option disables the event rule for "live" events but enable it for reports


3. Include your Geofences Groups you need to add.



4. As a notification, select Report Argument, and use 


5. In Presentation, keep this option disabled.


6. Save your Event Rule


7. Now you can generate a report by going to Reports menu. Select Event Rule report and choose "TimeOnSite report feed (geofences)" from the Event Rule dropdown. Choose vehicle tags you want to run a report against. It's good to select all, which is the "Show on Map" tag. It's a default tag that captures all your vehicles.

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