GPS Time on Site based on Geofences

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Time On Site Reports can be used with Geofences or with POIs, to see the time spent in a location and if the locations were visited or not.

This article shows how to set up a Time on Site report if you want to use them with Geofences.

Geofence Event Rule setup

1. Go to Admin > Event Rules and select + Event Rule to Create a new Event Rule.

2. Put a name to your rule, and choose Enabled > No

This option disables the event rule for "live" events but enable it for reports


3. Include your Geofences Groups you need to add.



4. As a notification, select Report Argument, and use 


5. In Presentation, keep this option disabled.


6. Save your Event Rule


7. Now you can generate a report by going to Reports menu. Select Event Rule report and choose "TimeOnSite report feed (geofences)" from the Event Rule dropdown. Choose vehicle tags you want to run a report against. It's good to select all, which is the "Show on Map" tag. It's a default tag that captures all your vehicles.

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