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In this article you will learn how to use Site Diary as a Supervisor to complete timesheets for your crew, capture relevant information from site and keep track of job progress.  Note that if you do not see the Site Diary available in the Mobile Application it may need to be enabled by your administrator.

Completing a Site Diary

If your admin has enabled Site Diary and you are a Project Supervisor on an active project, you will see the Site Diary option on the Mobile App home screen.

To get started tap the Site Diary option which will open a list of all the Site Diaries you can fill out for that day.  You may have more than 1 if you are responsible for more than 2 orders in a day.  

Next tap the Site Diary you wish to complete and you will be able to begin entering information, starting with worker time.

Entering Fieldworker Timesheets


Start with the Timesheets.  Each Role is listed, you will tap Get Started next to each Role and fill out Timesheets for the Fieldworkers in that Role.

If your Fieldworkers complete their own timesheets, you'll see any submitted timesheets already filled out with an indicator that the timesheet was submitted by the worker (you can still modify those timesheets to correct any errors).

In each role, you'll see a list of assigned fieldworkers. You can add workers, or remove any who did not work today, as shown below.


For each fieldworker, you will then confirm the time they worked, and optionally, break down their time.

To edit individually:

  1. Tap on input fields to change a workers start and end time and break minutes

  2. Optionally add a Work Item Code


To edit in bulk:

  1. Tap Select All button in top right of screen

  2. Select worker’s who’s time will be edited in bulk, tap Next

  3. Change start and end time and break minutes

  4. Tap Apply to Selected

  5. Optionally add a Work Item Code.

Tracking Progress

Once the Web App User has completed the setup in Scheduler, the Site Diary user should now be able to see a section called Work Completed where they can edit the progress of the order.

To edit the progress:

  1. In Mobile Site Diary, click the Edit button

  2. Add an amount or %

  3. Optional: Add a comment

  4. Optional: Add an image or multiple

  5. Save

  6. The progress bar on the Site Diary Overview page should then be updated.

Chargeable Items

A Site Diary user can add 1 or more chargeable items to an entire Site Diary, chosen from a pre-defined list set up in the Chargeable Items Web Page.

Site Diary users can edit a number of Chargeable Item fields.

  • Rate

  • Quantity

  • Comments

They can also choose to associate the item with:

They cannot edit the name of the Chargeable Item.


Use Notes to capture any relevant site information, optionally including a photo. You can add as many notes to a site diary as you like.

Additional Questions

Your administrator can configure up to four Additional Questions to be answered on each Site Diary.


If the Order has a Location set, then the Site Diary will automatically show weather observations for that location from 4 hours before the start of work, until the the time the Site Diary is submitted, or until the end of the shift, whichever is earlier.

If you have not set the order's Location, then the supervisor can manually select the weather for the job.

Submit the Site Diary

Once you've completed all the required information, then you can sign and submit the Site Diary.


  1. Check all workers, times, Work Items, Chargeable Items, Notes and Additional Questions.

  2. Tap Get it Signed

  3. Add Supervisor name and signature

  4. Optionally, add client name and signature

  5. You can also send the email to Client contacts.

  6. Tap Approve.

Site Diary Statuses

There are 3 Site Diary statuses.

SavedSubmittedClient Approved

Saved Site Diary

A Site Diary that has been started, but not yet submitted, is only be accessible on that user’s device - it has not been saved to the Assignar service.

Submitted Site Diary

A submitted Site Diary can be accessed via the mobile and web app.

However, a submitted Site Diary is read-only via the web app. The only interaction a Web user has with a Site Diary is that it can be only be printed to PDF.

A submitted Site Diary can be re-edited and re-submitted by the Site Diary submitter, however, they will need to re-sign.

Client Approved Site Diaries

Client Approved Site Diaries are Site Diaries that have a client’s signature attached.

If the Site Diary user wanted to re-edit and re-submit the Site Diary, the client signature would need to re-sign to reach this Client Approved status.

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