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Marcel Broekmaat
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Now that you have created your form you need to get it into the hands of your workers.  In Assignar there are 2 primary ways to distribute forms to your workers.

  • Through a Work Assignment - When you schedule a worker to a job to perform a specific role you can dictate which forms they will fill out each day.  For example a worker in a machine operator role can be required to fill out a Machine Inspection form every day.
  • Based on User Tags - Form permissions can be set so that users have access to use forms on the mobile app but will not be required to fill them out.  For example a worker may have access to a Safety Incident form that they will only need to fill out if an incident took place.

Below we will discuss how to distribute forms to workers in the two ways described above.

Distributing Forms through a Work Assignment

When distributing forms with this method, workers get access to this form with the rest of the key details about the day of work and will be able to submit this form when they close out their day.  Work Assignment forms are usually business critical to ensure compliance and safety on the job site.  If the form is required to complete a day of work, make sure to the check the Timesheet Required option on the Configure tab on the Form Builder.

First, navigate to the Worker Role that should be required to fill out the specific form by clicking Resources>Roles on the navigation and opening the Worker Role.  You will see a section on the slide out for Role Forms.  Simply search and select the Form you'd like to have this Worker Role filling out and then hit save.  Worker Roles can have multiple Role Forms assigned here.


Next, when you add a Work Order with Worker Roles you will be able to see the forms that have already been assigned to the role.  You can keep these in place or remove them, you can even add new forms specific to this Work Order that you may want to require the workers to fill out, for example Safety Checks specific to a project site or customer.


Now, when a worker opens their Work Assignment they will see the form available to them within the Assignment.  If the Form has been marked Timesheet Required in the Configure panel of the Form Builder the worker will not be able to submit their Timesheet until the form has been completed.



Distributing Forms Based on User Tags

When you distribute Forms based on User Tags you are giving users access to the form through the Mobile App that they can submit at any time regardless of whether they have been given a Work Assignment.  These forms can generally be thought of as "things workers don't need every day".  For example, Maintenance Requests, Incident Reports etc.  Follow the steps below to distribute Forms based on User Tags.

First, in the Configure Tab of the Form Builder find the Access Permissions setting near the bottom.  If left blank all Workers will have access to the form on the Mobile Application.  If you would like to restrict access to only certain users, you can enter the User Tags for the Workers that should have access to the form.  Add as many User Tags as Required. 


Now, when a worker opens the Mobile Application they will be able to use the Forms that they have been given access to.  They will click Forms from the home screen and select the Form they need to use.



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