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After data have been collected via Forms in the field the results will be visible on the web application.  This article will cover the following concepts to help you view and process form results:

  • Activity Feed Notifications - When a Form is submitted you will be notified in the activity feed and can take action on the form.
  • Reviewing Form Results - After data has been submitted you can review results in the web application to take action or print out forms for your records.
  • Editing & Assigning Form Results - Sometimes forms need to be edited or completed back in the office, from the web app you can make updates to form results and change the status for forms as required by your workflow.  You can also change the assignee of a Form Result so that user can work from a queue of work assigned to them.
  • Analyze Form Results & Create Notification Rules - Forms are a rich source of data, using Assignar Insights you can analyze the results of your forms to build custom reports and dashboards as well as set up email notification rules based on results.

Activity Feed Notifications

When Forms are submitted through the mobile application this will trigger an Activity Feed Alert.  In real time workers will be notified of new entries so action can be taken immediately.  This is particularly helpful to help quickly handle incidents out on the jobsite.  From the home page (or any other page with the Activity Feed open you will be able to see when new Forms have been submitted.  Click on the Form Result in the Activity Feed to view the content.  Click the pop out button to view the full Form Result or click edit to perform a quick edit without leaving the home page.


Reviewing Form Results

To view all Form Results, current and historical it is best to visit the Form Results page.  In the Navigation click Field Data > Form Results to see a list of all Form submissions.

From this list view you can apply filters to the form results list, to help you find the right information.  You are able to filter by date, form name, status, assignee, submitted vs in progress and collaborative vs private forms.  These filters can help you isolate the forms that you need to take action on. The assignee form can be helpful if you need to route inbound form results to certain people or department heads to take action on, ie a Maintenance Request form can be assigned to the Head Mechanic.


Click into any row to view the Form Results.


Editing & Assigning Form Results

Sometimes the data coming back from the field may need to be modified or augmented with additional information.  As a user of the web application you can edit the results of a Form, change the Form Status and assign the Form Result to a user.  

To begin editing Form Results you can quick edit from the Activity Feed, click the menu at the end of each row in the Form Result list page or by clicking the Edit Form Result button when viewing a form.  Simply make the modifications to the data in the form and resubmit.

To change the Form Status or assign Form Results to a user you can click on the Form Status on the list view or from the Form Status indicator on the Form Results details.  When you click either option you will have the option to set the Form Status and set the Assignee.  When assigning a Form Result to a user you will also have the option to send them an email to notify them.



Analyze Form Results & Create Notification Rules

In Assignar Insights you can analyze form results to help manage business processes.  Data from Form results can be used to create reports and dashboards to help keep a watchful eye on trends related to safety, quality and compliance.  These reports can be scheduled and shared broadly to drive maximum impact across the organization.  Assignar Insights can also be used to create notification rules to notify team members of a specific event they need to take action on and can be used to send alerts if certain tolerances or thresholds are crossed.  Learn more about how to analyze Form Results and create notifications in the Analyzing Form Results in Insights article.

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