Creating a Report

Duhita Khadepau
Duhita Khadepau
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What is a Report?

A report can be created to answer a specific question with Assignar data. It is a canvas that contains a collection of data fields defined as dimensions ("questions") and measures ("answers"). Results can be presented in tabular or graph format.

The report in this image shows projects that are currently in progress along with the number of orders that are being executed for each of the projects.

Report Filters

A Report Filter allows you to narrow down the data set in a report. You can use one or more fields to filter a report's dataset.

A filter applied to the previous report to only show the last 2 months of data.

Creating a Report

To create a report, select Insights in the Navigation Panel.


Based on the type of report you want to create you can choose Reporting (Last 30 days data) or Data Analytics (all data since start use of Assignar).


Both the options will open an explore view that can be used to build a Report by adding the desired fields from the "All Fields" area on the left side of the explore view.


Identify the fields that represent the data you want to include, then click on it to include it in the canvas. To use the field for a pivot, move your cursor to the right and click the pivot icon; to use the field for a filter, click the filter icon that is to the right of it.



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