Creating a Dashboard

Duhita Khadepau
Duhita Khadepau
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What is a Dashboard?

A Dashboard is like a dashboard of a car, which at a glance gives you the status of your car through a strategically positioned set of indicators, gauges and meters. 


Similarly,  dashboards in Insights can be created to show you, at a glance, the status of your business and operations. Every dashboard is created from multiple reports. These reports then bring out the data narrative that business operations managers can share with their supervisors and rest of the organization. 


The dashboard above answers the following questions:

  • How many workers do I have?

  • How many workers are allocated this week and what is the worker utilization %?

  • What is the 4 week allocation (& un-allocation) trend (utilization%)? (last 2 weeks, this week, next week)

  • What is worker allocations vs actual timesheets generated and the variance between the two? (for 4 weeks)

  • What is the allocation time in hours vs actual time in hours and the variance between the two? (for 4 weeks)

Dashboard Filters

When you are on a dashboard you probably want to be able to filter all the different views using the same criteria to keep the narrative consistent. This can be accomplished with Dashboard Filters.

All Dashboard Filters override the Report Filters.


The dashboard above shows 1 set of filters that can be applied to all the views in the dashboard.

Creating a Dashboard

To create a dashboard you will need multiple reports. Once you have created the reports you will add them to a dashboard.

To add the first report to the dashboard, you will need to create a new dashboard. For that go to the cog wheel button on the top right corner and hit Save. 

This gives you two options:

1. Add a new dashboard. Use this option to create a brand new dashboard and while adding your first report to the dashboard.

2. To an existing dashboard. Use this option when you already have created a dashboard and are now ready to add more reports to that existing dashboard.


The dashboard - with included reports - can now be opened and formatted as desired.

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