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Duhita Khadepau
Duhita Khadepau
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Before you start you should know

  • Insights is a feature within the Assignar Web App. 
  • Primarily used by those who are reporting or analyzing data across your company.
  • To access Insights, you'll need to contact your Assignar Rep.

So your workers have filled out their forms, completed their timesheets and you've ensured compliances are up-to-date. How do you view and analyze this data? 


Analyze your data with Insights

Insights connects a variety of data points, giving you a holistic view of your business. You'll be able to create and view a variety of reports, dashboards and data visualizations, based on how you want to view your business. From bar charts, to equipment odometer readings — insights can illustrate the health of your business.

Easily get a snapshot of your operations with Dashboards

There are 3 sections to Insights




Overview of the All Insights page

The All Insights page is essentially a library of all of dashboards and reports that have been created and available for you to use.


You can use the search bar at the top of the page to search for a specific report or dashboard. Or, you can also filter through your reports and dashboards using the drop-downs in the upper right corner.


Overview of the Reporting page

The Reporting page is where you can build your own customized reports and dashboards, with access to data created in the last 30 days. This is useful when you want to report on real-time data and used to setup 'as it happens' alerts and notifications. 


Overview of the Data Analytics page

The Data Analytics page is where you can build your own customized reports and dashboards, with access to all of the data you have created since your company started using Assignar. This is useful when you want long range reporting and dashboards e.g. analyzing trends in your operations. 

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