Guide to the Assignar Web App

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Before you start you should know

  • The Assignar Web App is primarily used by those in back office.
  • It can only be accessed by those setup as a Dashboard User.
  • We recommended to access the Assignar Web App from a computer or laptop.

As someone who works in back office, the Assignar Web App is where you will start your journey with Assignar to:

  • Schedule your workers
  • Manage your equipment
  • Process payroll
  • Review Forms from the field
  • Report and analyse the operations of your business


Accessing the Assignar Web App

You can use the links below to access the Assignar Web Application from your computer, laptop or tablet.


Log into Assignar Web App

To login, you will need your:

  • Client ID
  • Username
  • Password 

Your Client ID and Username should be provided by your admin.

Note: If you are the account administrator, your credentials should be provided by your Assignar rep. Please contact your Assignar rep, if you have any issues. 


Navigating the Assignar Dashboard

After you've logged in, you'll land on what we call the Assignar Dashboard.


Our dashboard allows you to get an overview of your current operations and get a quick snapshot of:

  • Your utilization trends of your equipment and workforce
  • Daily usage of workers or equipment
  • Timesheet submissions 
  • Form submissions
  • Projects and jobs that have started or coming up in the next week

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