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In this section you will learn how to review and edit submitted timesheets.

Opening the Timesheets List View 

  • Open the Field Data section in the navigation panel
  • Select Timesheets


Reviewing and Editing a Timesheet

The Timesheets List view contains an overview of all submitted timesheets by workers in the company within a specified period. To list the desired timesheets, start by selecting the appropriate time period.

  • Click on the timeframe filter in the top-right corner of the view.
  • Select the preferred option.


Note that timesheets with green background have been approved.

To see more (or less) detailed data in this overview, click the Column Preferences button in the top right corner.



With the desired set of timesheets filtered, find and open individual timesheets.

  • Click on the vertical ellipsis (⋮) on the right side of the timesheet you want to review.
  • Select Edit
  • The selected timesheet is opened with the Timesheet details tab active


The Timesheet details tab contains the data that has been submitted by a worker from the mobile application. Changes to timesheet attributes (e.g. Project, Customer) and reported time and time breakdown can be made in this view and saved before approval.


In this view, you will find the following fields:

  • Select date: the timesheet date
  • Users: user of the selected timesheet
  • Customer: customer for the selected project - click Add New to add a new customer to your database
  • Project: Project for the timesheet - click Add new to add a new project to your database
  • Location: location where the work occurred (an address)
  • Job description: description of the work
  • Task / Role: the role performed on the job
  • Asset / Equipment: the asset or equipment that was used to perform the work
  • WO/PO: a reference number that can be included for Work Order or Purchase Order (optional)
  • Approved: ticked when then timesheet has been approved

The Activities section allows for a further breakdown of the work performed. This can be used to make a distinction between different work types, which may also have specific budget codes. Note that Activities play a role in Assignar's ERP integration.

In the Allowances section workers can select meal and travel allowance eligibility. This can be corrected in the review page if needed. 

The Time Details section provides an option to include break time (in minutes). The entered time is subtracted from the logged activity time and results in a net Total Time. Comments can be added for further clarification.

Dockets (or Tickets) give workers an ability to associate the timesheet with a customer reference number. There is also an option to upload a (scanned) paper docket/ticket. If desired, a reference to an existing docket/ticket can also be created - simply click Add Existing Docket for this. 

In Field details you will find the workers name in Signed by, along with a signature from their device.

The Office use section offers room for comments/remarks from office personnel. 

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