Legacy: Timesheet Approval

Marcel Broekmaat
Marcel Broekmaat
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In this section you will learn how to approve timesheets.

Approving individual timesheets

To approve one single timesheet in the Timesheet List view, click the vertical ellipsis (⋮) icon and select Approve:


A dialog will be presented with option to adjust the timesheet before approving:


If an adjustment to whole hours is desired, choose one of the options for Start time and/or End time:


After the desired adjustments have been applied, click Approve Timesheets. The selected timesheet will now have a green background in the Timesheet List view.


Bulk Approval of Timesheets

To approve more than one timesheet at a time, hover your mouse over the left margin of the Timesheet List view. Selection circles appear that allow you to select multiple timesheets at once.


A set of available actions appears on the right side of the view. Choose the Approve option.


The Adjust timesheets and approve dialog appears. It contains an overview of the selected timesheets and offers an option to round reported time to whole hours.


Select Approve Timesheets to approve all timesheets in the selection. All selected timesheet items will turn green and can be filtered in Insights reports, which is covered in the next article.



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