Q4 2022 Product Release

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The Q4 2022 Product Release is here and it has some fantastic improvements to Time Tracking, Improved Equipment Roles & Scheduling, Embedded Acumatica Integration and our Insights Landing page. Thanks for all of the suggestions and feedback that contributed to this release. This release will be available for customers in early December 2022. Some of the new features will be opt-in when we release so reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more details.


Time Tracking Updates

Our team has set out to create a coherent time tracking experience that’s powerful and easy to use by you and your workers.

Whether your workers are just tracking when they worked, or what types of work they did during their shift (activities), you can expect to see a single, consistent approach to time tracking that will give you more reliable data; resulting in less need for corrections of data in the office and more compliance from your workers.


Mobile Daily Log

We've optimized the way we track time in Assignar. We've united our current Allocations and Timesheets mobile modules into a single, consistent and clearer process with Daily Log; your one-stop-shop for viewing assignments, submitting timesheets and forms. 




Tracking time against multiple activities, assets and breaks

We offer more flexibility and granularity in the way your workers will track time than ever before. Not only will your workers be able to capture the start and end time of their shift, but also what activities they did, what assets they used and how many breaks were taken throughout the day.


Track time across multiple jobs

We've made it much easier to track time across multiple jobs in one day. Your workers can simply check into a second job, and the timer on the existing job will pause, ensuring you have an accurate timesheet, no matter how many jobs you're working on.


Web Timesheets

Payroll and Back Office workers, we didn’t forget about you. In this release, the team have reimagined our current Web Timesheets page, which is home for reviewing, editing, approving and creating timesheets.



Getting the most important information to you first.

We’ve made some big changes to the look and feel by moving away from an excel-style interface to an approach that focuses on your approval and processing workflows. We're showing the critical information you need, front and center, so you can bulk review and approve timesheets efficiently.


Real Time Timesheets

In our current interface, timesheets were only visible once they were submitted. Now, you'll be able to get real-time feedback from the field as soon as a worker has checked into their job.


Advanced Search and Filter Capabilities

We've also added more capability to our filter and search by adding more fields, so you can get to the timesheets that matter the most.


How do you get these new features?

Our new Time Tracking features will be released based on your current usage of the Assignar software. If you require a capability that is not yet supported in this release, we will not activate the new functionality in your account.

For questions, please contact your Customer Success representative, or send us an email product-team@assignar.com.


Improved Roles & Equipment Scheduling

In this release, we have done a bunch of great work on Roles and Equipment Scheduling to make Assignar easier to use yet more powerful.


Onboarding & Role Creation

There are now 2 improved ways to set up your roles/trades in Assignar.

The user and equipment import process has been updated so that users can be added to one or more roles during your initial onboarding or whenever you import user or equipment in the future.  Roles or Trades are automatically created from your user import file, if the role does not yet exist we add a new trade, if it does exist we will simply assign your worker or equipment to the role.  With this update our customers can begin scheduling work in minutes.

We have also upgraded our interface for creating roles in the application, now both workers and equipment assigned to a role are visible in one place.  


You will also notice that our previous distinction between a Skill Role and a Machine Role has been removed.  Every role will now be able to leverage skills during scheduling regardless of whether equipment is required.  

If you select Assets needed for this role? you will be prompted when scheduling this role to add a piece of equipment.  Once this box is checked you can also select specific pieces of equipment to be recommended when scheduling this role.



Scheduling Upgrades

As mentioned previously all roles will be able to use skills when scheduling.  So if you would like to schedule based on skills for an equipment role, simply choose the shift(s) you would like to schedule and when you are looking at the worker shift any assigned workers or those with the ability to perform this role based on their skills will be recommended.  Don't worry, if you are used to scheduling equipment roles based on the skills required to operate a specific piece of equipment, this capability is still available by selecting the equipment first to see qualified workers.

Equipment will now be even easier to schedule.  In fact equipment can now be scheduled to any role even if you didn't set up your role that way by selecting the Assets needed for this role? option.  When scheduling a role that does not have this checked, you will not be prompted to schedule equipment but you will not longer be prevented from adding equipment to these roles.  When you need to flexibly schedule equipment based on changing jobsite conditions, this will give you the flexibility you need.


Integrations Hub & Embedded Acumatica Integration

Our team has been working hard on the next generation of Assignar Integrations and we are proud to present the new Integrations Hub!

The new Integrations Hub allows Assignar users to set up an integration with a 3rd party in a few easy steps. We focused on creating a solution that:

  • Is easy to set up and use
  • Is flexible & customizable
  • Provides visibility into what data is synching & when


Acumatica is our first available embedded integration, and there are many more to follow. The Acumatica integration allows users to keep Workers, Equipment, Projects, Clients, and more in sync from Acumatica to Assignar, and sends approved timesheets from Assignar to Acumatica.


To learn more about the new integrations Hub and the Embedded Acumatica Integration, check out the “Integrations” tab above. If you are a current or prospective Acumatica user and would like to request access to the new embedded integration, please contact your Customer Success representative, or send us an email: product-team@assignar.com.



Keeping data in sync across systems:

  • Maintains clarity & ensures everyone is working with the most up to date data
  • Removes the manual work of re-entry or copy/pasting across systems
  • Saves time when executing crucial business functions like payroll
  • And Reduces the human error that comes with repetitive data entry

We are committed to building the integrations that are the most critical to day-to-day operations. The next several products we will provide embedded integrations to include Sage Intacct, Quickbooks Online, and Xero. If you would like to suggest products for us to add to our Integrations Hub, give us a shout here, and let us know what systems you use, and what data you would like to see integrated with Assignar. 


Insights Landing Page

Accessing the most commonly used reports and dashboards just got easier!
You can now pin or unpin your custom reports or dashboard from the list to appear on top of the page. Custom reports and dashboards that can be pinned are indicated by a star icon. Clicking on star will make them appear as tiles on top of the page for quick access.


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