Early November New Timesheets Changes

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We want to thank all of our Early Access customers who have been using Assignar’s next generation of Time Tracking - Daily Log. 

We’ve listened to your feedback and so, as we prepare to release our exciting Time Tracking changes to all customers, we’re making some changes to the look and feel of some key elements. These changes will be rolled out to all Daily Log users in early November.

Daily Log

Card Improvements

We’re adding titles to the top of each card in the Daily Log, so your workers can clearly differentiate their assignments from their timesheets and forms.


We’re also making better use of our status colors, so your workers can understand the status each color refers to. 


My Team

We’re bringing over My Team into the Daily Log; a highly requested feature from our old Timesheets module. Soon, workers will be able to see details about other Workers and Assets assigned to the job. 


Don’t want this feature? Don’t worry, you’ll be able to turn this off from the Settings page.


Check In with Activities

We’re adding the ability to select an Activity when using Check-in/Check-out. Tap on the Next Activity button to check in to a specific activity, or just tap Check In to select the default activity.


Multiple Breaks

Your workers will also be able to accurately record all breaks taken throughout the day. They will be able to add more than 1 break to their timesheet, as well as record the break start time and its duration.


Web Timesheets

Based on your feedback, we’re changing the way timesheets appear in the Timesheets page. 


Timesheet Statuses

Firstly, we’re introducing a number of new timesheet statuses:

  • Started
  • Pending Submission
  • Approve with Pay Rates
  • Approve with Charge Rates
  • Approve with Pay & Charge Rates


These new statuses will allow you to differentiate between the workers who have Checked In (Started) and workers who may have saved their timesheet, but have not submitted (Pending Submission). These new statuses will also allow you to quickly understand what type of rate was applied to your workers timesheets.

Timesheet Review and Processing

Want to review and approve timesheets easier? We’ve got you covered.

We’re adding more information about each worker’s timesheet within our Timesheets page, so you can review and approve multiple timesheets much faster, all within 1 page.


Timesheet Filters

We’re also including more filters to help you handle your timesheet processing workflows.



We also understand the frustration of leaving the page and coming back with all your customized filters gone. We’re improving that behavior, so when you leave the Timesheets page and come back, it will be how you left it.


Changes to Breaks

Currently, there are 2 types of Breaks, Break with Minutes and Break with Start and End time.


We’re simplifying this process so that there will only be 1 type of break and all future breaks entered into a Timesheet will require a start time and a duration.


What does that mean for any past timesheet that has Break with minutes? Nothing will change, unless a Timesheet needs to be edited. If you need to edit a Timesheet which has a Break with Minutes break, you will need to enter a start time and a duration for that break.


More to Come

We have a few more changes coming before we release this to all customers in December.

Easier Break Management

We’ll shortly make it easier to insert breaks into the middle of a shift.

Check into Multiple Jobs

Soon, workers will be able to check into multiple activities across multiple jobs throughout the day.

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