Assignment Card: Overview

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Before you start you should know

  • Timesheet is a feature within the Assignar Mobile App
  • Primarily used by workers to track everything done across the day
  • Update your Assignar Mobile App to the latest version (min. v9.0.0+)
  • This article is available in Spanish here



From your assignment card tap timesheet, here workers can track everything they did in a day, such as:

  • View assignment and job details,
  • Submit time, forms, and dockets (tickets),
  • And more


Coming from legacy time tracking? See what's changed.

Mobile App Menu

If you previously used our legacy time tracking, you'll see that Allocations and Timesheets have now been consolidated into one screen.


Viewing Assignments

You can view your assignment details by tapping see more. Read more here.


Submitting Timesheets

Time can be submitted through the timesheet button. Read more here:

Submitting Forms

Any assigned forms are listed within your assignment card . Read more here.


Tracking Expenses

If you have any materials or additional expenses, you can record those using Timesheet. Read more here.

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