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Annisa Rizal
Annisa Rizal
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As soon as you've been assigned to a job, you'll be able to see its details from Daily Log's Assignment page.



From the Assignment page, you can view:

  • Status of your Assignment
  • Shift Date
  • Shift Time
  • Client
  • Project
  • Location
  • Order Number
  • Order Description
  • Role
  • WO Number
  • PO Number
  • Order Comments
  • Places of Interest
  • Your Team (other workers and assets assigned to the Order)
  • Your Assigned Asset (if any)
  • Forms
  • Dockets
  • Contacts
  • Attachments
  • Chargeable Items
  • Journals


Received an SMS of your next Assignment?

You can tap the link in the SMS, which will also redirect you to Daily Log, where you can then view the details of your Assignment.



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