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You may have been assigned Forms that you need to complete for the day. There are three types of Forms:

  • Required Forms
  • Non Required Forms
  • Collaborative Forms


If you've been assigned a Required Form...

Then you must complete it before you submit your Timesheet. 

Note for admins: You can learn how to setup Required Forms here.




If you've been assigned a Non-Required Form...

These Forms are optional and can be completed when you need to. You can find these type of Forms from the Assignment page.



If you've been assigned a Collaborative Form...

These Forms can be completed by multiple people. You will know if a Form is Collaborative if you see the:

  • users.png icon in the Assignment Card or,
  • Collab_icon.png icon in the Assignment page

Screenshot 2024-06-24 at 12.01.51 PM.JPG


Only one person can complete a Collaborative form at a time, so if you see the closed.png icon, this means another person is currently completing the form and you will have to wait for them to finish before you can start.

You can learn more about Collaborative forms here


Can I submit a Form more than once?


If you need to submit the same Form more than once:

  1. From the Assignment page, under the Forms section, tap Start New 
  2. Complete Form
  3. Submit



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