Submitting a Post Shift Timesheet in Daily Log

Annisa Rizal
Annisa Rizal
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Who is this article for

  • Any worker with access to Daily Log.
  • Any worker required to view Assignments, submit Timesheets or Forms.

If your shift is scheduled to end at 5:00PM, but you want to start a Timesheet at 5:05PM, you can create what we refer to as a Post Shift Timesheet.



Note for Administrators: If you disable the Check In/Out feature in Daily Log, your workers will be able to create a Post Shift Timesheet instead.


How to create a Post Shift Timesheet

To begin, confirm your Assignment

  1. In the Daily Log homepage, you should see a Pending Assignment card.
  2. Tap Confirm.



Don't forget to complete any Required forms (if any)

Required Forms will show up underneath the Assignment card and must be submitted before submitting your Timesheet.

Don't worry, if you forget to complete your Required Form, we will give you another reminder before you submit your Timesheet.

You can learn more about Forms here.



Next, let’s add more information to your Timesheet

  1. Tap + Timesheet button
  2. Add 1 or more Activities to your Timesheet. Note: There must be at least 1 activity added to your Timesheet in order to save or submit.
  3. Optionally, add any Assets, Allowances or comments.



And, finally submit your Timesheet!

There are two ways to submit a Timesheet, depending on whether you tapped Save or Sign and Submit above.


Sign and Submit

  1. When you tap Sign and Submit, you will be prompted for a signature.
  2. Add Signature
  3. Tap Submit



After tapping Save

  1. When you tap Save, you will be redirected back to the Daily Log homepage. 
  2. Tap Submit Timesheet button at bottom of screen
  3. Review timesheets as required.
  4. Tap Sign and Submit. You will be prompted for a signature.
  5. Add Signature
  6. Tap Submit



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