Submitting a Loose Timesheet in Daily Log

Annisa Rizal
Annisa Rizal
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Who is this article for

  • Any worker with access to Daily Log.
  • Any worker required to view Assignments, submit Timesheets or Forms.

If you were not assigned a shift and you still need to submit a timesheet, you can alternatively submit what we refer to as a Loose Timesheet. Loose Timesheets can be created any time.



How to submit a Loose Timesheet

To begin, tap the round, blue + button

  1. On Daily Log homepage, tap the round, blue + button.
  2. Tap Add Timesheet.
  3. Select Client and Project Name. If there are nearby Client/Projects within a 2km (6561 ft) radius of where you are currently located, we will display them here.
  4. Select Role Name.
  5. Optionally, select 1 or more Assets. Or, Skip.



Next, let's add more information to your Timesheet

  1. From the Add Timesheet page, add 1 or more Activities to your Timesheet. Note: There must be at least 1 activity added to the timesheet in order to save or submit.
  2. Optionally, add any Breaks, Assets, Allowances or comments.



And, finally submit your Timesheet!

There are two ways to submit a Timesheet, depending on whether you tapped Save or Sign and Submit above.


Sign and Submit

  1. When you tap Sign and Submit, you will be prompted for a signature.
  2. Add Signature
  3. Tap Submit




  1. When you tap Save, you will be redirected back to the Daily Log homepage. 
  2. Tap Submit Timesheet button at bottom of screen
  3. Review timesheets as required.
  4. Tap Sign and Submit. You will be prompted for a signature.
  5. Add Signature
  6. Tap Submit




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