Creating a Loose Timesheet in Web Timesheets

Annisa Rizal
Annisa Rizal
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Who this article is for

  • Any Dashboard User who has access to Assignar Web.
  • Any Dashboard User who needs to create a new Timesheet on behalf of a worker.

If you need to create a new timesheet on behalf of your worker, you can create what we refer to as a Loose Timesheet. 


How to create a Loose Timesheet

  1. From the Timesheets List view, tap +Add New
  2. Complete required fields
  3. Save and Approve




Required Fields

At a minimum, you must complete the required fields to successfully create a Loose Timesheet:

  • Date
  • Worker
  • Client
  • Task
  • Minimum 1 Activity


Once this Timesheet has been saved, you can then link this Loose Timesheet to an Order.

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