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Annisa Rizal
Annisa Rizal
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If you're working back and forth between multiple jobs in a day, you can use Daily Log's Check In/Out to complete all your Timesheets across all your jobs.


❗️Just remember to check out of all running jobs at the end of the day!

❗️Before you read on, make sure you've learned how to Check In/Out of a single job.


To begin, confirm your next Assignment

  1. On Daily Log homepage, you should see a Pending Assignment card.
  2. Within the card, tap Confirm



Don’t forget to complete your Forms (if any)

To learn about the type of Forms that can be assigned to you, then read here.



Check into your next Assignment

Once you’ve checked into the next Assignment, the timer on the previous job will stop and the timer for your new job will start running.



Want to return to the previous job?

  1. Underneath the previous job’s Started Timesheet card, tap Start New Activity.
  2. Select an Activity
  3. Tap Start
  4. The timer will start running on the previous job, and the timer for the other job will stop.




❗️When you're done, don't forget to Check Out and Submit your Timesheets for all jobs!

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