Adding Chargeable Items to an Order

Annisa Rizal
Annisa Rizal
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Who this article is for

  • Dashboard User, worker or supervisor who wants to add a Chargeable Item to an Order.
  • Those with access to either Web, Daily Log or Site Diary.

Once your list of Chargeable Items has been created, it can then be added to an Order.

There are three ways to add:

  • From the Orders page (by a Dashboard User)
  • From Daily Log (by a worker)
  • From Site Diary (by a Supervisor)


How to add Chargeable Item To An Order (from Orders page)

  1. Under Work Planning, navigate to the Orders page on web
  2. Select an Order
  3. Navigate to Chargeable Items tab
  4. Click Add Item
  5. Fill out required fields
  6. Save



How to add Chargeable Item To An Order (from Daily Log)

Workers can add Chargeable Items from the Assignment page in Daily Log. Note that these Chargeable Items are not linked to a timesheet.

  1. On Daily Log hompage, select an Assignment card
  2. Within the Assignment page, tap + Add Chargeable Item button
  3. Fill in required fields
  4. Save



How to add Chargeable Item To An Order (from Site Diary)

This can only be done by Supervisors using Site Diary. 

  1. From Site Diary details page, tap Add Item
  2. Fill in required fields
  3. Save


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