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Release Details

The Assignar platform will be upgraded throughout 2023 to ensure that we're protecting your confidential information and user privacy, and that we're able to provide more premium security features.

Some benefits of this release are:

  • Bulk user invite
  • Easier login experience
  • More secure passwords
  • Better password reset! No more calls from workers that can’t remember passwords!
  • And above all: peace of mind - your data is safe.

In order to keep offering best in class security starting in Q3 2023, all users will be required to have a unique, active email as a part of their user profile so that they can continue logging in to Assignar.  This applies to the mobile application, mobile website and web application.

In preparation for this change, it will be necessary for all of your users to have email addresses.  In order to make this transition seamless, please start ensuring that all user profiles in your Assignar account have a unique and active email address for each user.  For all users with an email address the transition will be seamless.  If a user does not have an email address on file they will not be able to access Assignar after the release.  To avoid disruption please ensure all users that need to login to Assignar have this completed prior to the release date.

If you prefer, you can choose to have a business email address on file for your users, however this is not a requirement.  Any unique, active email will work fine, your administrative staff will still control access to your account for these users with personal email addresses.

Over the next few months we will be communicating to users that they will need to ensure they have the correct email on file.  As the release date draws nearer we will more specifically target users who do not have an email on file.  If there is an issue with your account, such as duplicate email addresses, your customer success representative will likely reach out to help you resolve these issues.


New Login Experience

The only change to user experience that your users will see will be the login screen.  It will still have the Assignar logo on it so it should be familiar.  See the new login screens below.

New Mobile Login Screen


New Web Application Login Screen




When will this release happen?

  • We are planning to release throughout Q4. You'll be informed of the exact release date for your company through our Customer Success team.

Will I have time to prepare for this change?

  • Of course!  We will work with you to get your account ready and you will be given ample time to prepare prior to a specified transition date for your company.

What emails will you send my workers in the field, they are sensitive about getting spammed?

  • Assignar will only use this email to send user invites and password reset emails.  We will not send them any marketing or promotional emails.

What if my users don't have an email address?

  • If the user does not currently have an email address you can offer them an address on your business domain or ask them to sign up for a gmail, icloud, outlook account or any other free email service provider.  Smartphone users are required to have an email to download our mobile app so it is likely that they do have one already.

What will happen if my users do not all have emails on their user profiles when the release happens?

  • They will no longer be able to access Assignar until an email address is added for them through the web application.  Leading up to the release, mobile app users will be able to add their own email or office staff will be able to update it for them on the web application.


Questions or Concerns?

Please feel free to drop us a message using this form or on our product portal.  We're here to help and hope to provide  greater security using Assignar.


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