Q1 2023 Product Release

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If you liked the flexibility and ease-of-use in our Q4 features, you're going to love the updates we have in store for Q1. 

We're kicking off the new year by enhancing Time Tracking with the new site diary, enabling users to fill out timesheets for an entire crew in under a minute.  For scheduling, we've made extending orders easy and made resource planning possible on mobile. Plus, we've added a Sage Intacct to our Integrations Hub.  These features are part of our larger mission to save you time with tech that fits the way you work. 

Here's what you can expect: 


Time Tracking

  • The New Site Diary


We completely revamped Site Diary (the place where supervisors record everything that happens on the job site in a day) to match the experience of the new Daily Log.

The new Site Diary is easier to use and tightly integrates with the time tracking experience in the Daily Log.

  • Faster Time Tracking 



Easily fill out time for an entire crew in just a few taps. Add multiple breaks and track time against multiple assets, too.

When timesheets come in from the Daily Log, you can see their status in real-time (e.g. pending timesheets, started but not submitted). 


  • Extend Work Orders  

Screen_Shot_2022-12-20_at_3.35_3.png         confirm_resources_order_extension_.png

The reality is, a lot of projects need an extra day, or more. So, Assignar now lets you extend work orders easily in the drag-and-drop Scheduler. You can confirm to copy over the entire crew or make edits. If workers are unavailable for the extra days, you'll be prompted.   

  • Set Company Work Days

Choose the days of the week that your company works.


This new setting will gray out any of the days of the week in the Scheduler that are not your company work days. If work orders are extended, Assignar recognizes these days and omits them - but you can override it easily. 

  • Mobile Scheduling 


Need to make last-minute resource decisions? You can do it on the fly, using the mobile app. Search for work orders, add or remove workers from shifts as needed, and push shifts out a day. 


  • Sage Intacct 


Running payroll using Sage Intacct? Now you can pull project data like workers, equipment, jobs, and cost codes from Sage into Assignar, and bring worker and equipment time in the field back.  

Save time by no longer manually entering in data or copy & pasting. No longer worry about the integrity of your data.

  • Acumatica

Our integration with Acumatica is now available to all customers! We've also added additional filter and customization options and the ability to handle loose and allocated timesheets.

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