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Shariq Samira
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Export Activity level timesheets on web

Timesheets can directly be exported as a csv file from the same window with two simple clicks.

  • Timesheets can be filtered for particular date range, status or advanced filters that need to be exported. 
  • If no filters have been applied then by default it will download a file with all timesheets in the past 14 days. 
  • These exports are built to show the activity level details for every timesheet. Each of these reports will show field worker and the activity that was performed to show how much time was spent on each of them.

Select the required filters and date range needed for the export file

  • Click on the menu next to Add New and select "Export" from drop down



The Exports overlay screen will open. This will show the date range, number of timesheets being exported, file format as csv and a checked box for activity level timesheets. 

  • Click on export button to download the file 
  • You may cancel this screen and go back to adjust filters
  • You can click on the embedded URL to provide feedback for this functionality



The file begins download and will display a success message when the file is ready to be used.

  • The download will appear in your browser and saves it to your downloads folder



Downloaded Timesheets.csv file will appear the downloads folder

  • File is downloaded onto your browser in a csv format


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