Setup your Company Working Days

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You can configure your company working days to focus your schedule only to the days that matter. 


How to setup your Company Working Days

  1. Go to Settings > View / Edit Settings page.
  2. Under the Orders section, you'll see a Company Working Days setting.
  3. Check the Company's 'usual' working days
  4. Save

Don't worry, if you occasionally have to work on a weekend for example, you can always override this setting when scheduling.


We'll grey out your non-working days in the Scheduler

The next time you're in Scheduler, you'll see that your company non-working days will be greyed out. 

We'll also automatically deselect your non-working days when you're setting up your Orders and Shifts.

When you add a new order, your company's non-working days will automatically be deselected. This means that we won't schedule shifts for those Roles on those days.  Of course you can override this.


When you're extending Orders, we'll also respect your company's non-working days.

Finally, when you're extending Orders, your non-working days will be respected.  When confirming the extension of an Order, you will have the option to override non-working days when you have to get the job done.

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