Track Crew Time with Site Diary: Overview

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Before you start you should know

  • Site Diary is a feature within the Assignar Mobile App.
  • Primarily used by Site Supervisors to track everything done across the day.
  • Before opening Site Diary, make sure you've updated your Assignar Mobile App to the latest version (min v8.4+)


If you're a Site Supervisor, you can use Site Diary to track everything that happened on site, such as:

  • Timesheets of your Crew
  • Weather
  • Site Progress
  • Additional Expenses
  • Notes and photos
  • Client Signatures


Tightly integrates with Daily Log

Daily Log (An Assignar Product where Workers can submit their own Timesheets) is tightly integrated with Site Diary. This means that when any of your crew submit their own Timesheets from Daily Log, it can flow into your Site Diary for review.

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