Difference Between Reports and Dashboards

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What is a Report?

A Report can be created to answer a specific question with Assignar data. It is a canvas that contains a collection of data fields defined as dimensions ("questions") and measures ("answers").

Results can be presented in tabular or graph format.


Example: This report shows projects that are currently in progress along with the number of orders in each project.


What is a Dashboard?

Think of a dashboard in a car. At a glance, it gives you the status of your car through a strategically positioned set of indicators, gauges and meters.



Now, apply this thinking to the Insights Dashboard. You'll be able to piece together your reports and display them all on a page to form a Dashboard, which can be used to show the status of your business and operations.


Example: This dashboard shows you how many workers you have and how many are allocated this week and more.

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