Track Worker Utilization with Insights

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The worker utilization template can be used to visualize daily worker allocations, percentage of worker utilization and actual versus allocated worker times. Based on number of fieldworkers this template can be extended to determine the following metrics for your team to enable better field worker utilization

  • How well are the fieldworkers being utilized (or allocated) and how to improve these work allocations?
  • How many workers were allocated beyond 40 hours (Over-time)
  • How many workers were allocated this week and what is the worker utilization %?
  • What is the 4 week allocation (& un-allocation) trend (utilization%)?
  • What is worker allocations vs actual timesheets generated and the variance between the two? 

Please note that 

  • if timesheets were submitted as forms then the worker’s utilization may not be accurate as data from forms can cause a lot of variance due to the Q&A format
  • All fieldworkers present in your list will be considered as total number of active workers for these calculations



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