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You can use the Quantities dashboard to help you plan better and ensure timely completion of projects. It will also enable you to closely track current statuses of work orders, % of work completed , ETA to complete the orders and can be extended to determine the following metrics for your team to enable better tracking of work progress

  • Track order timeline, duration of the order and actual working days based on allocations
  • What is planned vs delivered vs remaining quantities?
  • Productivity Metrics
    • Planned units/man hour vs actual units/man hour (or vice-versa)
  • The daily trend of progress on actual quantities completed or productivity trend
  • Investigation Reports
    • The breakdown of planned vs allocated vs actual worker hours
    • History of the past orders and their productivity?


To access the Quantities Dashboard

  1. Under Insights, go to the All Insights page
  2. Click on Quantities



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