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Annisa Rizal
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Want to simplify the way you calculate overtime pay for your workers?

We're adding the capability to calculate, preview and export timesheets with the right regular and overtime pay for your workers, and we're building it right into the new Timesheet experience**.


**Note, in order to take advantage of this new capability, you’ll need to be using our New Time Tracking experience. Contact your Assignar Rep to learn more!


Pssst....Want to see a sneak preview?

You'll be able to export timesheets with the right pay codes for overtime, from October 2023. But you can take a sneak peek and set up your Overtime Rules right now. Just tap Settings in your left navigation bar, then tap Overtime Rules.


What to expect when setting up your Rules

You'll be able to setup 3 types of rules:

  • Daily Overtime
  • Weekly Overtime
  • Weekend Overtime

For each of these, you'll be able to set the number of hours required before workers start accruing Overtime, and the number of hours before they start accruing Second Overtime (commonly Double Time).

Once you tap Apply Changes, you'll be able to preview a sample weekly timesheet with those rules applied.



Weekly Timesheet Review

Soon, we will release a new Weekly Timesheet Review screen - this is the perfect place to review a summary of your workers' weekly timesheets, including Overtime hours, before you export for payroll. 



Will I be able to setup different rules for different workers?

Any Overtime rule that you set up will be applied to all of your workers.

We understand that some Overtime Rules may need to be setup differently for different workers. If that is something that your company requires, please let us know using the link below!


Give us your feedback

Do you need more types of overtime rules? Do you need to apply different rules to different workers based on certain rules? We want to hear your feedback so we can make this feature work for you. Please click the button below and tell us what you think!


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