User Authentication Update

Daniel Park
Daniel Park
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Update Details

As part of Assignar's 2023 Security Release, dashboard and mobile users who are logged out will be directed to a new login screen (see image below) and prompted to enter their Client ID, Username, and Password. 





When is this change happening?

  • North America: Monday, August 21
  • Australia & New Zealand: Tuesday, August 22

Where can I find my Client ID?

  • For admins: please check your inbox for a recent email containing your client id. If you cannot find this email, please contact
  • For dashboard users: please check your inbox for an email from your admin
  • For workers: please contact your admin

Will I need to change my username and password?

  • No, you can continue to log in using the same username and password.

Why don't I see the new login screen?

  • No worries! You can continue using the platform as-is. Only users who are logged out will be directed to the new login screen.




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